Plan for Delivery

An effective delivery plan – or set of plans – is crucial to the success of any delivery effort. A delivery plan is a high-impact, evidence-based plan that clearly connects the work being done to the aspiration and is used to drive the day-to-day work. The plan should define key goals and strategies and leaders for each, articulate the chain through which implementation will progress, and project the expected impact of the strategies on the goals.

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3. Delivery planning toolkit overview
3.A. Delivery plan rubric
3.B. Reviewing a delivery plan
3.C. Developing a delivery plan architecture
3.D. Sample delivery plans
3.E. Articulating a theory of action
3.F. Quick guide to strategy profiles
3.G. Defining strategies using a strategy profile
3.H. Prioritizing strategies using a 2×2 matrix
3.I. Identifying system activities to remove or deprioritize
3.J. Constructing a delivery chain
3.K. Analyzing the delivery chain for risks
3.L. Developing feedback loops
3.M. Common Core feedback loops
3.N. Planning for capacity building by role group
3.O. Establishing a baseline for a trajectory
3.P. Identifying connections between goals and strategies
3.Q. Estimating the impact of strategies on trajectories
3.R. Trajectory tool