4A: Establish Routines to Drive and Monitor Performance

As you implement, continuously check how well you’re doing at implementing your plan and achieving results for students. This is the purpose of a delivery routine: a regular, structured conversation between the system leader and key accountable people to review progress against goals, discuss and solve major challenges, and make decisions to drive delivery forward.

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4A. Delivery routines toolkit overview
4A.A. Routines rubric
4A.B. Using the routines rubric
4A.C. Creating your delivery routine calendar
4A.D. Roles and responsibilities in routines
4A.E. Assessment framework guide
4A.F. Assessment framework, 3 element
4A.G. Assessment framework, 5 element
4A.H. PMDU assessment framework
4A.I. Routines rating tool
4A.J. Developing objectives for a routine