3: Produce Delivery Plans

An effective delivery plan – or set of plans – is crucial to the success of any delivery effort. A delivery plan is a high-impact, evidence-based plan that clearly connects the work being done to the aspiration and is used to drive the day-to-day work.


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3. Delivery planning toolkit overview
3.A. Delivery plan rubric
3.B. Reviewing a delivery plan
3.C. Developing a delivery plan architecture
3.D. Sample delivery plans
3.E. Articulating a theory of action
3.F. Quick guide to strategy profiles
3.G. Defining strategies using a strategy profile
3.H. Prioritizing strategies using a 2×2 matrix
3.I. Identifying system activities to remove or deprioritize
3.J. Constructing a delivery chain
3.K. Analyzing the delivery chain for risks
3.L. Developing feedback loops
3.M. Common Core feedback loops
3.N. Planning for capacity building by role group
3.O. Establishing a baseline for a trajectory
3.P. Identifying connections between goals and strategies
3.Q. Estimating the impact of strategies on trajectories
3.R. Trajectory tool