2B: Understand Drivers of Performance and Relevant Activities

Once you’ve identified the most important performance patterns, search for their root causes. Deepen your analysis using qualitative evidence, artifacts from the front line, and field work you conduct to fill gaps in your hard data. The answers you find will help you determine what strategies are best suited to help you overcome your barriers to performance.


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2A.A. Identifying metrics for your delivery goals
2A.B. Benchmarking performance on metrics
2A.C. Developing a work plan to test performance hypotheses
2A.D. Analyzing data to find and present performance patterns
2A.E. Visualizing and storyboarding data
2B.A. Completing an activity profile
2B.B. Developing hypotheses about root causes
2B.C. Developing a work plan to test root cause hypotheses
2B.D. Conducting field work