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Welcome to the Delivery Tools & Resources site!

This site contains over 100 toolkits and standalone resources, arranged around the 15 elements of the delivery approach.

How was this site developed?

The tools on this site were developed by the U.S. Education Delivery Institute (EDI) as a digital companion to the book Deliverology in Practice. EDI was a non-profit organization, founded by Sir Michael Barber, that worked in the United States from 2010 to 2016. Having succeeded in bringing the delivery approach to American education – helping education leaders across the country to increase student achievement and close gaps – EDI concluded its mission in mid-2016. The Institute’s work continues through its alumni and the systems it supported.

Delivery Associates has made the suite of tools developed by EDI available on this site as a free online resource.

Who is this site for?

These tools were designed to assist leaders and Delivery Units in state education agencies, school districts, college campuses and education non-profit organizations. However, the principles of deliverology are universal, and the tools can be adapted – with a little imagination – for use in any public service system in any country.

For more information about any of these tools, or to ask about support for your delivery effort contact Delivery Associates at

Delivery Resources

Every strong delivery effort has a few prerequisites that must be in place before you begin: a clear idea of what your system should deliver, an understanding of where and how delivery must improve, a talented team to run the delivery effort, and sufficient alignment among key players to get…
Make sense of your data to understand the nature and size of the barriers to delivering your aspiration, assess what your system is currently doing to overcome them, and develop a view of how that work could be improved. Understanding the delivery challenge sets you up well for the core work of…View resources
An effective delivery plan – or set of plans – is crucial to the success of any delivery effort. A delivery plan is a high-impact, evidence-based plan that clearly connects the work being done to the aspiration and is used to drive the day-to-day work. The plan should define key goals and…