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May 09

The science of delivering results past present and future

Governments exist to deliver results for their citizens but when most political leaders arrive in office, they find that delivering results is the hardest part of the job. Here the Centre for Public Impact and Delivery Associates explain how government leaders around the world have come to understand this challenge better –... read more →
Sep 29
Aug 20
Aug 07
Aug 03

INTERVIEW: Sir David Brailsford and Sir Michael Barber

Sir Michael recently had the pleasure to interview Sir David Brailsford, Team Sky's General Manager, about the suffering, the joy and the fun in top performing sports teams and what top cycling performance has in common with delivering in government. The attached link provides a fascinating insight into the factors that... read more →
Aug 03

Centre for Public Impact – launched!

The Boston Consulting Group recently launched the Centre for Public Impact, a not-for-profit foundation, dedicated to improving the positive impact of governments. The work is overseen by a Board of Trustees co-chaired by Sir Michael Barber and Hans-Paul Buerkner, the Chairman of BCG. The Centre for Public Impact brings together world... read more →
Jul 15
Jun 15

SHORT FILM: Joy, data and rain …

As part of his recent Australian Learning Lecture, Sir Michael and team produced a short film showing how data has enhanced Sir Michael's cycle training programme and the joy he is experiencing from his progress. We'd love to hear what you think! Courtesy of Koshland Learning Fund... read more →
Jun 14
Jun 14

INTERVIEW: ABC Lateline on How to Run a Government

During his recent visit to Australia, Sir Michael was invited to join ABC's Lateline show to discuss the themes in his recent book How to Run a Government. You can see a link to the show here This link will redirect you to a third party website and is subject... read more →